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The True Iran! A picture tour of the great land. P1

Have you ever seen snow before?
I thought Iran was big giant desert, right?
How come you can not speak Arabic?
Can women drive in Iran?

Do these questions sound familiar? Most of us have been asked similar questions by our American-Western friends. How do you respond?

With the entire world splitting over recent political issues, it can get frustrating to explain how the true Iran and Iranian people are!  The youth in Iran seems to look beyond these boundaries and talking points and keep their spirit up by engaging in daily activities never thought to exist in Iran by Americans!

Sometimes pictures explain a whole lot more, we decided to post some pictures maybe it can make your job easier to explain to friends how the true Iran is!

The typical images you would see from western media when covering a news piece from Iran:


... And some random photos collected from around the web:










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