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Recalled Toys in U.S. & Birth defects in China

Birth defects in polluted areas of China have increased by approx. 40% in the past 6 years, with a deformed baby born every 30 seconds, state media reported today. The worst concentration is around the countrys numerous coal mines, which produce the bulk of Chinas energy. China suffers from serious pollution, the price of its stunning economic rise. Combine that with the parallel story of Chines  toys recalls and safety issues...

The value of toys and puzzle parts from China have rocketed from 1.2 billion dollars in 1990 to 7.4 billion dollars last year in 2006. Will China become its own enemy over its future growth? Many Chinese childrens products still on American shop shelves test positive for lead, and one brand-name toy made in China yielded such high levels that Consumer Reports has called for a federal investigation. Exposure to lead can affect a child's development and behavior. 

The commission has already recalled millions of toys for dangerous levels of lead. Consumer Reports said it also found lead in varying amounts in dishware, jewelry, glue stick caps, vinyl backpacks, childrens ceramic tea sets, and other items not on any federal recall list.